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from our amazing clients

Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

I have been doing all the chemical treatments and led combs for two weeks until I heard about this place. They definately stopped the nightmare and my daughter felt like she was in a spa instead of being tortured. Glad that they don’t use pesticides but the latest technology to kill everything even what the pesticides can’t.*

Beth D.Adel, GA

My family has been battling lice since before Christmas (review from March 3rd) !!! Just when I thought we were in the clear…another batch would appear. I was beyond emotionally distraught! My daughter was prepared to shave her head =( I used NIX several times, Robicomb, overnight oil treatment with vinegar rinse, tea tree oil, and Lice Killer treatment twice. I did a treatment on Saturday, again on Sunday, and on Monday (after I discovered my own head had been infiltrated) we got an appt to be seen (THAT DAY!). They checked all 4 of my family’s heads and STILL FOUND NITS in my daughter’s hair. My daughter and I were treated on the spot. We loved the service. Now, having battled so long – I had a difficult time believing we were REALLY lice free…so we went back on Thursday to get confirmation. Did it REALLY work??? YES!!! WE ARE LICE FREE!!!!!! It felt like we had won the lottery! Thank you Family Hair Clinic!!!*

Jenny SMadison, FL

I will never take care of those critters again at home. I found the best place ever right here. Thank you all so much. And treating my daughter amazingly. You all are amazing!*

Jessie N.Moody Air Force Base, GA

My children went here and were lice free in an hour. The staff is extremely nice and very professional. They provided movies to watch and snacks and drinks. They also had wonderful advice and were very inexpensive. I was extremely overwhelmed when I discovered my child had lice and they took all the weight off my shoulders. Hopefully we won’t need to use them again, but I highly recommend them!*

Cassie E.Moody Air Force Base, GA

I was about to lose my mind trying to get my daughter’s hair lice free, until I heard about this place. The ladies here make u feel welcome and are super nice. I highly recommend if your having trouble, that you visit them. Mrs Melody and the ladies here are amazing!!!! Thank you!!*

Kim D.Ashburn, GA
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